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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  September 10, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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prisons. >> and just like that, tickets to see pope francis, gone. sold out. but what about silver -- receive nears, where you can get your hands on those straight ahead. >> a show of appreciation for teachers in the chester upland school district. and coming up: what's next for the cash strapped schools. chris? >> all right, and in the wild of south philly coming out to play, the deer has people talking in the hood, where it came from, where it may have gone. good day, it is thursday, september 10th, 2015. did you get drenched on your way into work, lauren dawn johnson? >> no, luckily still dry this morning, but now i have to go out. because i am going shoot one of my pope stories today. >> little hinton what it might be about? little preview? little inside line have. >> saint francis catholic school, how do you feel about that, sue serio? >> okay, name sake school, i get it, i get the connection. connect this, five in your
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weather by the numbers, with the kind of weather we have in store for today. yucky. yes, bus stop buddy off to rainy start this morning, brought the rain gear for the first time it school year. umbrella open. temperatures in the muggy 70s this morning, and seeing some on and offer rain throughout the area. 72 degrees, with 91% relative humidity. ugh, muggy out there, 10-mile per hour breezes out of the east northeast. and 6:37 your sin rise time. not everybody is getting rain at the moment but by the end of the day you will. there is more rainout to the west. and with this frontal system coming through, moving through very slowly allege stalling, more rain on the way for the day. there you see some lightning showing up in the sit, in delaware county, across the river in burlington county as well as bucks county, so we will look little more in depth at the rain coming up. but do expect temperatures to stay in the 70s, throughout the morning and muggy conditions, rainy, pop up
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storms, do you have allow yourselves extra time. it has been a while since you had to commute maybe at all, if tuesday was your first day back, from the summer, and then, of course, the challenges of rainy morning, everybody somehow forgets to drive in the rain, when it has been a while. watch for the puddle. then evening's commute could be just as much of a mess, depending on whether you get caught in one of the heavy downs pours, it will be in the 70s throughout the evening, as well. high temperature today, may make it to 82 degrees. so, that's a look at your weather. but, keep in mind, bob kelly, and i'll keep saying it: we need the rain. >> we definitely need the rain, the big question this morning is what did i do with that umbrella? the below the dust off that puppy. eastbound on the schuylkill expressway, an accident at center city, between spring garden and down down philly, off to the side, the second accident in the last half hour on the schuylkill. other one eastbound down near
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broad street. and the stadium area, we got the heavy rain. hoo is a example what's ahead of you gang. bad hair day today. this is the 42 freeway, you got the rain, ponding, the spray coming up off the cars and trucks, kids get chance to wear their, if they have even have it yet, brand new rain slicker as they scatter off the school year. ninety-five again wet behind the ears. so it will be a slower than normal morning rush hour, and keep in mind, the last couple of days have been tough. because we're trying to get back into the groove here with everybody back to work and back to school. so, the speedometer readings will get knock down, the schuylkill expressway, getting hit with some heavy rain here, speeds knocked down, coming around the curve. there is a construction zone, still out here with us along woodhaven road, between route one over to 95 on that eastbound side. they had all of the lanes blocked, looks like there is maybe lane starting to get through, and those guys will be out of thereby 6:00. and new jersey route 130 northbound, an accident right at groves ville road.
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philly international most likely seeing weather delays today. so far so good on mass transit. chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, thank youment few for this morning, police investigating an accident where two people were hit in new castle, delaware, late last night. accident happened along 700 block every east basin road. the delaware department of transportation would only confirm there were two people taken from the scene, but were not told the conditions of those victims, it is unclear what may have led to the accident. >> ticket to see the pope were gone faster than organizers ever could have expected. >> steve keeley live in center city, as the official papal pop up shop. hi, steve. >> reporter: yes, the official pouring rain papal pop up shop. i wish it was open so we could stand inside. and as you see, no papal overhang. so i am getting drenched. showing you this thing, this life size, this thing called a stande: have you ever heard after standee, these cardboard cuts, called stande. >> yes? >> you have heard that, chris? i've never heard that word in
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my life. >> no, i'm saying go on. tell me more. >> so the pope must be 5-foot nine. because that's life size standee. 68 inches tallment take a look how much that cost? >> this one is for sale? >> a hundred bucks? >> see, lauren, all right, i would have thought, it is cardboard, at least from here it, looks cardboard, i would have thought 20 bucks. that's the most expensive thing that i can finds on the store website, $160 for that thing. >> wow. >> what? >> now, look, let me tell you why it might and good investment. you my thing for 160 bucks, like today, you take it out on the sidewalk, you let people take pictures with it, good old-fashioned poloroid, charge like $5. >> oh? >> and you can make bucks. and it looks like you are standing there with the pope in philadelphia on market street. just a thought. another business where everybody is trying to make money off the pope's visit. all right, let's take you i am side the storm. we shout brief video yesterday. everybody must have been in a rush.
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we didn't interview any of the shoppers, but see these bobble heads i am talking about. $25 for a papal bobble head, and we did see one shopper pick one up. she seemed excited. but i don't know what the going rate of bobble heads, usually they're free at games, and my idea is to have a mike jerrick bobble head give away, a bob kelly give away. we should have good day bobble heads, lauren and chris, you too, eventually, as women. that's the retail angle of the pope's visit. then the latest thing you can now camp in fairmount park if you don't want to try to get a hotel room and you want to avoid the crush, the rush, all of that stuff. here are some people chris o'connell talked to about the possibility of camping there. >> we need people from all over the country, all over the world, just by walking through a campgrounds. >> they're going to be able to network, inner active. inter-active different people. people from all over are going to be here. >> why not? i mean, if you get the opportunity to come out and have fun and enjoy the scenery
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and not sure what's going to be there, why not? >> maybe people who coined a for the the hotel prices but maybe can afford a tent, ice cooler, common joy the festivities t shouldn't just for people who can afford three, 400-dollar a night hotel rooms. >> as you hear the thunder rumbling ahead it, could be god angry me as i talk about everybody trying to make money offer of this thing. cam something not free. here are the rate. ready for this? one time rate, 199 per camper with extra fees. all right? $99 for tent only camping, 109 for camping next to a car. 999 if you're going to bring an rv, like those people do at the eagles games a thousand dollars to parka rv in fairmount park for the pope's visit. >> wow. >> this is getting pricy. >> so you heard that man say, if people can't afford a three, 400-dollar hotel room. how about a thousand dollars rv plus paying to rent the rv, as well? very expensive. chris, come on over here.
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so we will gave you a idea, god is not happy because it is pouring out, and again, thunder and lightning. somebody is angry with me making fun of this stuff. but we're just educating you about all of the prices of things and showing you one way to make money buying that standee for 160 bucks, and charging people to take pictures with the pope. >> i need the papal golf shirt. because then it will keep me from saying anything i shouldn't out on the golf course, like after a bad shot. steve, thanks. >> papal umbrellas, papal raincoats in there? because coy use one of those. >> okay. >> you snow. >> all right. thanks. >> for the second time in four years, three hunches at the upland teachers and staff went to work not knowing if they would be paid, well after vote to go start school without a paycheck, it was waiting for them when they got to school yesterday. >> now today they are finally getting nice special thank you. sabina kuriakose live in chester with more on. >> this hype, sabina. >> reporter: good morning, guys. if anybody deserves a heartfelt thank up, i think we can all agree it is the
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teachers here of the chester upland school district, continuing to work despite concerns they wouldn't get paid, even though the teachers got their paychecks yesterday, the district isn't sure about the next one, so staff, living with a lot of uncertainty, as the state and the district try to resolve a deep fiscal crisis. now today the sons of bennett, fan group for the philadelphia union, major league soccer team, well, they will be bringing free lunches for teachers and support staff to the chester upland high school. group hopes to inspire other groups and business toss donate food and supplies to the teachers, as they continue to come to school each day, not knowing what is next. meantime, teachers say, they are thankful just to be able to pay their bills this month. >> when we wake up payday and it is there, of course everyone is excited is, you no, ma'am, relief. >> we need to make a living. we come to school. we node to make a living. we need to get our paycheck. but we're here. despite it all, we're here. we didn't know we were going to get our paycheck. we still came. >> i'm glad that happened. you know,you know, that keeps tl
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up in a tough time, that testifily will keep our moral up. >> to continue to band aid the school district not getting the school district out of the deficit. one of the big things he said if they give us what they are offering to give us, come april we will be broke. >> we're dedicate today our children. our children need us. without us we don't know where they would be. so our kids need us. we're here. >> reporter: now again, while the teach remembers getting paid this payroll, there is in word on what will happen for the next one. there is still of course no state budget. so, still no subsidies for local district like chester upland, and we're up to the state and the district continue to appear before a judge, as they try to work out some sort of a financial plan to move forward, but again, even as these teachers are dealing with all of the instability, they are providing some sort of stability for the almost 4,000 student here in this district. just by showing up to work every day. chris, lauren? >> that's dedication. sabina, thank you so much. >> coming up on 5:11, six
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philadelphia prison guards busted this fbi sting, accused of delivering drugs and contraband to inmates. >> prosecutors say the guards are from several city prisons. investigators say they use their power to extort power from inmates seeking oxycontin and cell phones. the guards didn't know drugs were not real. the bus was part of fbi sting that started in the fall of 2013. the feds were watching until late last year. >> we believe that several of the employees were engage in the this activity for some time. many of them are veterans. so one has almost nine years on the job. we don't know how deep the activity was. but, after seizing street drugs, in our facilities, cell phones, we knee we needed assistance. >> doesn't a pie peer at this point they were working together on. >> this the guards are being given time to turn themselves in. >> so when you live in the sit, there are certain things you just don't expect to see. >> like, something from the wild, right? in fact, people there can't believe t pictures have been popping up on social media, showing a deer wandering the
5:12 am
street of south philly, he is bleeding from the mouth and may have been hit by a karat some point. first spotted on ninth and ritner, then on oregon avenue, then porter street. so officers from the third district eventually coraled the deer so animal control could take it over to fdr park. >> california assembly parked end of life bill wednesday. why some are saying the right to choose may not always be in the patient's hands. ♪ ♪ with the new chase freedom mobile app, you can simply redeem, pay, and go. the new chase freedom mobile app. the card is for the essentials. the cash back is for the fun. chase. so you can.
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>> i'm glad we're sheltered here in the studio, because it is raining outside, sue serio. >> not sheltered from the humidity. does it feel sticky in here? we have to warn you it, won't and good hair day. but it was official yesterday. our sixth heatwave of 2015, in the books as a three day heatwave. we got to 93 degrees yesterday, blazing sunshine, all of the humidity, but now everything has changed with the rain that moved in as predicted in the overnight hours. few pop ups late in the afternoon yesterday, but now rain from chester county, down through central delaware, and across the river in new jersey, as we zoom in to the city, those heavy downpours, steve keeley is talking about, they continue, all places you see the red here, so most of
5:16 am
the city it is just raining and raining pretty hard. go out to chester county, around east white land, we have some rain. we jump down to the jersey shore, you're getting your share of rain around stone harbor, eventually cape may, you will get some rain, as women, we jump up around cherry hill in camden county, also, some heavy rain this morning. so it continues on and off, as you see in the fox future cast, some times of heavy downpours, and if you get one of those heavy downpours, that lasts for awhile, could you end up with several inches every rain. which we do need toll you yesterday, over four and a half inch deficit of rain as every yesterday. as of august 20th, haven't had any measure rain. all out of here by about midnight tonight. we can look forward to eventually the clouds will clear, and we'll get some lower humidity in here on friday afternoon. so, some of these rainfall totals, as much as 4 inches in some places, half inch in
5:17 am
other places, most of us will average between one and 2 inches every rain, from this system moving through. it is a muggy 72 degrees in philadelphia. zero seven allentown and reading, to the south, mild, muggy, wildwood, dover delaware, 75 degrees to get you started. but temperatures aren't going to move as much as they did yesterday. back up into the nine the's, that's it, as we said, three days of 90 degrees or above. that will could be our last heatwave of 2015. 82 degrees today, mid 80s tomorrow. see sunshine saturday and sunday, was there a slight chance of rain with that system lingering off shore, but everything should be cleared out by monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week. with plenty of sunshine, no more nine 90s, temperatures around the upper seven 70s, 80 degrees mark, nice weather to look forward tonight but we have to get through today first, bob kelly. >> yes, as much as we real dow
5:18 am
need the rain, it will be one of those yucky. today should be work from home day. plug in that laptop. work from home. schuylkill expressway, we go for ride, eastbound, talking a accident right near broad street. we roll video, news van on the scene here of the eastbound suing, this is roam over, rye near the broad street interchange. obviously, the rain could have had something to do with it, look at the rain coming down on top of the police vehicles, on top of the cameras. eastbound on the schuylkill right near broad street, watch for the flood bet and some lane restrictions, but, the roads are wet. and this is an example whatever can happen if we're going little too fast here, taking a lock at the roosevelt boulevard, again, roads are wet, the on and off-ramps could be slippery, and when that wind picks up little bit, knocking some of the leaves down, that is almost like trying to stop your car on ice, so keep that in mind if
5:19 am
you're in the neighborhoods. of course it will be a wet start for the little ones on the street corner or bus corner this morning, getting ready for the school buses but guess what today is? >> today is thursday. >> today is national tv dinner day. >> back in 1953 the first swan son tv dinner. we had the turkey and the stuffs, we had the saulsbury steak. >> oh, ya. >> and then you had the chicken? and sodium overload. >> yes, and thousand dollars have the little apple cranberry dessert here. >> oh, that. >> did you eat the dessert first? remember you used to have to cut the cellophane around the dessert and pull it off? sue's laughing. >> do you remember all of the but the nerve those mashed potatoes? >> look at the price, look at the stamped price. 99 cents. >> for a tv dinner for example days are gone, get your snack tray and let's g ben franklin bridge, cool shot. everything wet. see delays during the morning rush hour up and over the bridges, a live look at the
5:20 am
boulevard, as you head southbound. again, everything is open, just factor in some extra time this morning, and remember, in the neighborhoods, the little ones are out there waiting for the school buses this morning. northbound 130, accident at groves ville road and delays on the freeway working your way in toward philly all the because of the rain. expect delays possible, too, at the airport. >> california legislature has passed a right-to-die bill, will allow terminally ill patients to end their lives with the help of prescription medications. bill now goes to the senate, also expected to endorse the america europe. several changes were made to the bill after it hit a roadblock earlier this year, because critics fear the proposal will lead to families, coercing elderly loved ones to take their own lives. >> patient required to be physically capable of taking the medications themselves, and $2 must approve it. still, opponent say, it is a slippery slope.
5:21 am
>> fear of the diagnosis, sadness, depression, i would argue we never want to be a society that endorses taking one's life for those reasons. >> well, this follows the highly publicized case of brittany main or, the california woman who had terminal brain cancer. she moved to oregon to ends her life there. under that state's right-to-die law, five state now allow terminally ill pain don't kill themselves with life ending drugs. >> 5:21 is the time. you name t ipads, i watch, phones, what a.m. sell doing to keep customers hungry, could you say, coming back for more. >> and macy's struggling to stay afloat, closing more than two dozen locations across the count rip. biggest competition is drowning the huge retailer. >> but first here is a look at last night's winning lottery numbers. good luck. >> ♪
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if you experience symptoms such as rash, swelling, or difficulty breathing or swallowing. tell your doctor about any medical conditions, medications you are taking, and if you have kidney or liver problems. using invokana® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase risk of low blood sugar. it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. >> if you love after em, you are happy the company is showing tons of new upgrades for some of its most popular products. >> just in time for the holiday season, as women, after saying the i tonight six, their best selling phone ever, unveiled new iphone 6s, and 6s plus. the popular electronics brand also showed off new accessory
5:25 am
for the apple watch. the most buzz has come from their new super sized ipad pro, which is aimed at business customers. >> the pen -- it is very surprising, also keyboard, so, basically, what you have got there is ultra portable, apple provided, supposed to compete with the microsoft surplice plus three. >> say apple's attempt attempt t reversing it biggest challenge since pads haven't been doing so well. >> i do have an ipad mini. i don't like the huge ipads. another thing we didn't mention, the apple tv getting you grade, too. it will be gaming console, as well. >> but you might not finds it at macy's, because early next year mace he's says it will close between 35 and 40 stores across the us. >> macy's struggling to survive by world dominated by internet shopping. the company will lose about $300 million because the store closures, over the past five years, macy ' has shuttered 52
5:26 am
stores, opened only 12 new once. retailer reported disappointing sales and earnings in it most recent quarter. still, macy's is pushing ahead with plans to open six macy's back stage stores this year, helping it compete against discount retailers like tj max, marshals, ross, you know, those stores. >> it is interesting. the one nearest us, suburban square, shot g down. >> really? >> yes. >> because they are always have a one day sale. >> always a sale. i lock at the coupons in the mail, right? >> every day. >> teachers upland, how the community is showing thanks to those teachers who work without checks. >> ♪ uptown funk ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation. have earned the very best service in return.
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♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. >> gone, 30 seconds, yes, the latest round every tickets to see pope francis for sale, for hundreds, even thousands of dollars on line now. >> good morning. >> hey, good morning, well, show of thanks for teachers, in the chester upland school district. coming up, what is necessary for staff. lauren? >> new store at aimed at saying you money r five and
5:30 am
below. good morning, it is thursday, september 10th, 2015. >> see puddling there, the rain still coming down, sue serio. good morning. >> and bus stop buddy just got the brand new sneakers for the start of the school year, now all muddy and wet today. because we are off to rainy start in many areas this morning. so, for all of you, whether you have school, or not, whether you are waiting for the bus outside, or not. you are going to need your rain gear at some point today. so make sure you find it, as bob kelly mentioned first of all t has been since august august 20th we've had measurable rainfall. find the gear. temps mostly in the 70s this morning, 72 degrees here in the city. 91% relative humidity, so even if it is not raining, it is just wet out there, just damp. seventy might per hour wind out of the no east, sunrise time 6:37. not looking for a loft sunshine, if any, now, you see arrayed after, that there are
5:31 am
some dry spots, throughout the area. and then, plenty of places where lightning is popping up. probably hearing thunder, as women, that's probably down in salem county, cumberland county in new jersey. right at the mouth of the chesapeake bay, there i should say, at the head of the chesapeake bay, then up toward montgomery county, where we are seeing lightning showing up on radar, as well. so, little bit of weather dram this morning with all of the loud thunder five out of ten in your weather by the numbers. so we're getting started when our morning commute. very rainy. very muggy. pop up thunderstorms, as we just saw on radar. watch for those puddles and for the ponding, on the roadways, and for people remembering how to drive in the rain. your evening commute, could be just as messy, if you get caught in some of those downpours, temperatures mostly remaining in the upper 70s, throughout the day, might top off at about 82 degrees.
5:32 am
>> can we go back to the graphic that i love the steam, coming off your coffee cup. >> you don't see any hand on the steering wheel. >> no. >> we were wondering who is drinking the coffee? is it one of those cars? >> you got the steam. what's that behind the steam? is that your eight track? >> that's right, see, i'll play my duby brother eight track. >> morning commute. >> you better slow down there, sue, going little too fast in the rain with the wipers on. live look at the schuylkill expressway. yikes. this is what we're telling with here this morning, we haven't driven in rain for morning rush hour, sue said, since what, august 20th? few weeks, and already, we got the ponding on the schuylkill expressway, you got the spray coming off the cars and trucks in front you. let's roll the video, news van on the scene, quick, to see the firefighters and tow trucks there is fellow did roll over here on the schuylkill eastbound at broad.
5:33 am
>> broad street, happened about 25 minute or so ago. let's get check some of the other cameras, live look at the ben franklin, again, just give yourselves extra time, it will take you longer today, than it did yesterday. has been rough back to work, back to school, trying to get back in the groove. remember in the rain, visibilities knocked down, and the little ones will be waiting out on the bus corner, for the big yellow school bus. live look at the boulevard, heading southbound, down toward the schuylkill get the heavy rain on the 42 freeway, head in toward the walt whitman bridge, accident northbound 130 at groves ville. with the weather conditions as sue mentioned, probably going to see delays at philadelphia international airport so check with the airline, pack your patience along with a snack for the morning rush hour, back to you.
5:34 am
>> 10,000 free ticket to the papal mass, went on line at 8:00 last night. guess how long it took them to get snack up? >> three minutes. >> 330 seconds. >> snatched up in two minute, wasn't long before retail offers pop up on various sites. those who were unable to get tickets, can still get momento, have you to pay for tare mark, offered a pop up store in center city philadelphia with all things francis, will close when the pontiff leaves town by the way. >> chest it at the upland teachers went to work not knowing if they would be paid. it was waiting for them when they got there yesterday. >> finally, right? today getting very special thank you. sabina on this story for us this morning, hi, sabina. >> hey, good morning, guys, well it, as good show of thanks, after kind of rough start for the teachers the songs every ben, major league soccer team, philadelphia
5:35 am
union, women being bringing lunch for the teachers and support staff here at chester high this morning. now, the group says, it wants to recognize dedication of the faculty and staff who vote today keep working despite being told they might not be paid, as the district and the state worked through a fiscal crisis. now, yesterday again, as you mention, the teachers did get their first paychecks of the year after the state agreed to make a debt payment for the district, it is a temporary fix, but comes as a relief for a loft people. >> everyone was excited, yes, i could pay my bills. >> i'm excited. >> when we wake up, payday, it is there, everyone excited, you know, it is a relief. >> i think it is great at that time teacher got paid. they also have to think about the other people, the maintenance people. everybody else that works for the school district, makes this happen. it is not just a teachers, and although i love my teachers, and we have fantastic teachers, but at this point, we all have to stick together,
5:36 am
because our kids are actually suffering. >> reps still need to figure out long-term funding solutions to get the cash strapped district out of financial peril. that includes reviewing charter schools, funding, and while this last payroll was met, a district zones person doesn't know about the next one. so these teachers are still in limbo as the state and district try to come to terms on financial plan to move forward, so this lunch today, just nice thank you to say thanks for hanking in there, guys. >> thanks, sack even a. >> the world's largest five below discount store opens today. >> right here in philadelphia. >> right? >> mayor michael null letter dot ribbon cutting at the flag ship store, at 15th and chestnut, in center city later this morning. two story discount store sit on the site of the 100 year old arcadia theater. >> the biggest ever. back on the field, is eagles zach ertz, hear from the tightened how he knows he's ready to play.
5:37 am
>> better be. >> ♪ fly eagles fly ♪
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5:39 am
>> eagles finally play a game for real monday night. quarterback with sam bradford, now starting his history here. and, back on the field for practice, with eagles tight
5:40 am
end, zach ertz, coming back from sports hernia surgery. how does he know he's ready to play? >> the doctor cleared me. that's about all i can go from. i mean, i i've poached it to get healthy for this game. and i think i made strides in that department. but i think to come out there, see me run around, i was ready to go, it was a very good sign. >> and the phillies were eliminated from the playoffs last night. but it was a night that went to the dogs. to the ballpark. the doggies were there. it was bark night at the park. oh, my gosh. that was so nice. and freddie freeman, was not nice to the phillies. nobody seems to be nice to the phillies any more these days. a single drives in two, atlanta goes up four-one, they beat the phillies, the score there, eight to one atlanta wins two out of three against the phillies, that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> so the eagles let tim tebow gone, not before long he found another job. >> hired him in 2013, he'll be back where he left off and return to espn saturday as sec
5:41 am
college football analyst. eagles cut tebow, last week, gunning for the third string quarterback spot. >> we all felt aftermath mat barkley got cut, tebow was a shoe? >> and didn't do that badly, and last game pretty good. >> that was cents the cover of the daily news, tebow earned the spot. >> yes. >> i like this one. >> great or bus. we'll see, right? >> we will see. >> special sneak peak hine the emmy ' wards governor's ball. >> madmen john ham, jennifer split after 18 years together. what sources are saying ham really needs in a relationship.
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>> i didn't even recognize him when his picture first turned up. >> why not? >> i don't know. >> big daddy cane, big, what, 25 years ago, huge? >> huge. >> that hair was huge. >> back in the day. >> huge. >> oh, yes.
5:45 am
so, we have huge amount of rain coming our way. you like that segway? thank you, thank you, every once in a while pulling it out of my hat. see, 78 degrees when the phillies game starts tonight. yes, folks are still going to phillies games, and this one may be a challenge. well, you know, the doggy night last night. this just for humans who may get wet. and actually, different opponent tonight. i'll leak that one up. anyway, cold front on the way, sore bye that, yes. we're really focusing on the low pressure system, that will be moving along this front, as it slowly makes it way through the area. and that will cause the heavy downpours. and we've got some going on right now, but, we'll have a break in the action, and maybe another system coming our way in time for the weekends, much weaker system, though, but rain at last. and here it is. as we zoom in, we see few areas where lightning has popped up, northeastern maryland, there kind of challenge driving along that portion of i-95, right after you get out of the state of
5:46 am
delaware, and go into maryland there, but as we look at philadelphia, few areas have dried out. >> around haddonfield, hat haddon heights, heavy rain west vincent township chester county, heavy rain around atlantic city right now, these isolated downpours that we are dealing with all morning long. there is another look at the haddonfield downpour. and it is raining pretty steadily this morning, in cherry hill. so they move around these downpours. bull they'll be with us on and off throughout the day, do you have the opponent for tonight? it is the cubs, chicago cubs, come to town, thank you very much. >> teamwork here at fox 29. glad you're with us, too, so throughout the afternoon, evening, more of those pop up thunderstorms around with isolated heavy down. down tours, could be just as much of a mess as your evening commute as it is for some of thus morning, but you see
5:47 am
things tapering offer by about 9:00 tonight. bee 2:00 a.m., clouds lingering, most of the rain has gone. morning commute on friday will be a lot better, and then, eventually, lower humidity rolling in, in the afternoon. as far as rainfall totals, right along i59 where we may ends up highest rainfall totals. but if you get a loft rain, could you get as much as two, 3 inches, just in one day. muggy in the city, allentown, pottstown, reading, 71 lancaster, over atlantic city, 73, 74 wilmington. very mug any dover this morning, with a 75 degrees temperature, and equivalent dew point, very humid. so we got our official heatwave, three days in a row of 09 degrees or above. no more 90s, in this entire seven day forecast. eighty-two today, 85 tomorrow, with some lingering clouds in the morning, and sunshine and lower humidity in the afternoon. again, little bit, little bit
5:48 am
unsettled for the weekends. got slight chance of rain in the forecast for saturday and sunday, but also, sunshine, especially on saturday, looks like that may be the better weather day of the weekend. but, regardless, temperatures will be much more comfortable than they have been in the past couple of days. so even with the rain bob kelly, the schools that don't have air-conditioning, it will be a bit more comfortable. >> i talk to my daughter last night, i told you she started teaching third grade here in the city. she said they're great in the morning, but whatever you want to teach them, they have to have it done by lunch time. once the heat kicks in at noontime, pretty much forget about it, and there is no recess. they don't want to take the kids out, go it them all hot and sweaty, so rough day hopefully this rain will do some good and knock that humidity down. right now looking live, woodhaven road in northeast philadelphia, the eastbound side, still blocked, the stretch from the boulevard over to knights road. a loft folks using the woodhaven road local, until they pick the cones up there this morning.
5:49 am
eastbound, on the schuylkill expressway, we had early morning accident, here at broad street. let's roll video from the news van. here's what it look like whether we pulled up to the scene here. >> this fellow, obviously, took the curve little too fast, maybe the rain and the wet roads had something to do with it. but we rolled over here, so much for the cadillac this morning, no reports of any serious injuries. look at the wipers still on. so obviously, it was raining, or i would think it would be raining, when that accident occurred. but that's an example. we haven't driven in rainy rush hour since sue mentioned august 20th. it's been quite a while since we put the wipers on. so just be careful. give yourself extra time. already, slow go on the freeway here. just yucky thursday morning, that spray kicking up. hey it is a free car wash though. that's one good way to look at it. south on 95, through all of the construction zones, too, when we don't have the daylight, we have the wet roads, it is tough to see the lane markers, especially, as you roll through some of these new traffic patterns, like here on i-95, 202 northbound,
5:50 am
there is a new traffic pattern, right near that frazier interchange, i95 coming up from delco, we will have road work scheduled later on today. that may be canceled because of the weather. and as we roll on up, there is a left over work crew right near broad street. as you approach the airport. and speaking of the airport, do you have flight schedule or maybe dropping someone off or picking up, probably going to be delays at philadelphia international airport. i'll bet awe jelly donut on that one. do check with your airline before you head down to the airport. and we're starting to see delays here on 295, 42, 55, for the gang leaving south jersey and coming in toward the bridges. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> let's turn don't tapement headlines now. super model, landed her first w magazine, i've been word erring how long this will take. >> take a look at it, dunn one of six cover models in the issue she talks about starting her modeling career at just 14 years old. guess what she said? her mom gave her quote
5:51 am
stripper heals, to practice walking. >> when she was 14? >> yes, other october cover models include actress julianne meyer and claire dane. one of the most gritty nights in hollywood, the after party, governor areas ball, little over a week away, and the public got little pro view of the elegant decorations, the fancy line and the food. >> a lot of food and wine. we'll get to that in just a minute. gave little governor's ball tour, some of the world's best chefs and wine makers be there will to serve 7500 guests, spoke person says those 7500 people will go through 4700 bottles of wine. >> oh,. >> 1500 pounds of meat. >> ugh. >> even 4,000 poached pairs. that's like typical friday night for mike jerrick and me, the pairs. >> top men in film, music, fashion, sports, literature, celebrate in the london. >> gq magazine annual men of the year awards was a star studded affair. >> samuel jackson served as host, singer sam smith, the voice behind the latest bonds flick, was named solo artist
5:52 am
of the year, by the magazine readers. lionel richie awarded gq top honor icon of the year, even as he stood at the event, he had a hard time believing it was true. >> quite interesting, to think about the days of the pom door, with the hair that was there, was all over my head, the out, if my mother and father said you are an embarrassment to the entire community, and now here i am. >> will pharrell took home comedian of the year, joked reporters he knew he wasn't going to get man of the year, he wouldn't show up. >> who is your man of the year? >> keith carlos. >> keith carlos. who is that? >> check had out. >> you have picture of him? >> uh-huh. >> oh, ya, good looking. >> uh-huh. >> mine's sam bradford. >> really? ten for ten. going to take eagles to the first superbowl win ever. >> strong words by chris murphy here on fox 29 morning news. >> oh, yes, he is focused. hair even longer now and growing a bedder. >> taking the eagles to the
5:53 am
superbowl, you say? >> the whole thing. that guy. >> okay, and inspiring group of women hoping have californians seeing pink, how the survivor sisters mission is writing up cars for a good cause. >> okay. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ you're unpacking already? yeah, help me find some mugs. sure. (beep) hey... o.k. they'll do. wake up to the mountain grown aroma of folgers. ♪ the best part of wakin' up ♪ so, where do you want to start? i think this is a pretty good place. ♪ is folgers in your cup
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5:56 am
>> 5:55, i'm a survive offer, by destiny child, a group of women battling breast cancer embarks on campaign to turn license plates pink. breast cancer survivors in sacramento are hoping other women will not ignore the warning signs of the potentially deadly disease they say will take a lot of lives, an already take early action while treatment is still available. they're hoping seeing pink around town, will help put it on the public radar. >> we wanted something everyone would see throughout california and millions of cars for all different ages, as individuals, to see, to strike that conversation. >> a car 100 feet away sees the pink, you know, hopefully it will triggering? their minds to pick up the phone. >> survivor sisters is hoping to have 7500 pre orders by the ends of october. breast cancer awareness month. >> sam bradford's expected to be great this year. yes, excited to hit the field
5:57 am
again. what he has to say just before his first real game, in nearly two years, boy, does he look good in the pre-season. >> ♪ i'm a survivor ♪ i'd like to put in my 15-year notice. you're quitting!? technically retiring, sir. with a little help from my state farm agent, i plan to retire in 15 years. wow! you're totally blindsiding me here. who's gonna manage your accounts? this is a devastating blow i was not prepared for. well, i'm gonna finish packing my things. 15 years will really sneak up on you. jennifer with do your exit interview and adam made you a cake. red velvet. oh, thank you. i made this. take charge of your retirement. talk to a state farm agent today.
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5:59 am
>> gone in 302nd, tickets to see the pope's sunday mass are gone in 30 seconds. so where will all of these
6:00 am
people stay once the pope comes to town? well, come on over to my place. what do you say? seriously. actually, come on over. them ' stay there, newcomb pound for the big weekend coming up soon. >> new neighbor comes to south philly. how on earth did the a deer end up on the city streets. >> weirds. here's something you don't see every day. we haven't seen rain in 20 days, sue serio. >> seeing the rain now. >> oh, it came down. in fact, i walked in without an umbrella. >> i don't even know what happened to my umbrella. >> probably put it in the at snuck. >> haven't used a umbrella -- >> august 20th, the last measurable rain. >> i smell like a german shepherd.


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